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Ferber Warehousing is located in Southeast Michigan. We have two locations to choose from, Rochester Hills, and Madison Heights. Both locations are close to three ports of entry into Canada, making this a great opportunity for all your international cross docking needs.

Ferber Midwest has over 35 years of experience in the warehousing and distribution industry. Our extensive technology verifies shipments in and out using barcode scanners. Our services are timely accurate and cost effective .

Warehouse Features:

It takes more than trucks and space to be an effective cross-docking facility. Ferber Cross-Docking and distribution has the knowledge and proven experience to do what's right for you and your client. Our warehouse has 17 docks and loading doors to handle any type of delivery you bring in. We have the warehouse equipment to handle every type of freight a van, truck, container, flatbed or full sized 53ft. trailer can carry.

Our clients rely on us to receive, store and ship large volumes of goods timely and with zero errors. Stop in anytime for a tour, or visit one of our websites:




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